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The awaken Cinema circle relates solely to the meaning making process of the individual's direct experience. "tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand." Confucius

“Our mission, at the awaken Cinema circle, is to use film and discussion to foster understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the human experience, to facilitate self understanding, to introduce options for action plans, and to seed future personal development and spiritual growth, to educate, normalize, reframe, and expand ideas and create community among the participants” Donald Gordon Carty

We will be bringing you movies that are out of the "norm." These hard-to-find films presented through the awaken Cinema circle will warm your heart, stir your soul and expand your mind while helping you to:

· Fulfill your potential as a human being
· Make a difference in the world
· Learn valuable life-lessons in Compassion, Forgiveness, Inner Strength
· Feel good about yourself and the world you live in.

Come, watch, and discuss. EXPERIENCE!

Course Description:

This course examines personal development and spiritual growth by exploring a wide variety of ways in which to change, grow, and achieve one’s creative potential. The focus is on the discovery of self and the authentic search for meaning in one’s own life through a collection of uplifting and sometimes spiritually challenging films. The class advances a multi-faceted approach to personal development and spiritual growth combining theory, personal experience, and self-reflection with the use of film, teaching, practice, hands-on activities, exercises, group discussions and experiential learning experiences.

Method of Instruction:

Use of the storytelling power of Film to motivate, inspire, and educate participants. The awaken Cinema circle materials and recommended films lead to fascinating classes that participants will remember forever. Films engage participants to use their higher level thinking skills. The cognitive effect of film can be explained through recent theories of learning and creativity, which suggest that we have seven "intelligences". The more of these intelligences we access, the faster we learn because they employ different methods of information processing. Watching films can engage all seven of them: the logical (plot), the linguistic (dialogs), the visual-spatial (pictures, colors, symbols), the musical (sounds and music), the interpersonal (storytelling), the kinesthetic (moving), and the intra-psychic (inner guidance).