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Tentative Course Topic/Units and dates:

After viewing the films there will be experiential exercises and discussion from the heart and soul that will provoke you to share from your core self, which connects you with your authenticity and allows you to really get to know each other with ease and grace.

This course provides a safe and open venue that cuts through the often-meaningless chitchat and exposes your true nature, which is real and refreshing. 

Week 1: Introduction to the Course
(a) “What the Bleep do We Know” tells the story of the journey of a stressed-out, divorced photographer from anxiety and depression to enlightenment and skillfully blends this story with footage from interviews of some of the world's leading scientists, philosophers and spiritual teachers to deliver a powerful message: you create your own reality through your thoughts and emotions, and therefore have the power to change your 'reality'

Week 2: “You can heal your life” this entertaining and inspirational movie shares penetrating insights on self esteem, abundance, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments. A number of luminaries in the field of self-help, philosophy, health, spirituality, and new thought come together, giving their take on success, happiness, and the myriad ways in which people can heal their own lives.

Week 3: “Living Deeply” the fruit of more than 30 years of investigation into the power and potential of human consciousness, this film brings what we know about how people achieve transformation off the mountain top, down from the ivory tower, out of the laboratory, and into your hands. In this film nine distinguished teachers of transformation, representing a range of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, will guide you through practices and exercises that will help you invite the power of transformation into your own life.

Week 4: Discussion
(a) Tests, quizzes, exercises and activities follow up
(b) mini Vision Quest

Week 5: “The Moses Code – The Movie” this film focuses on the power of “Soul Manifestation,” drawing upon our own innate spiritual ability to produce miracles everywhere we go. Some of the best-known spiritual teachers in the world offer tools that show us how we can apply the Moses Code to our lives. This is the foundation upon which the Law of Attraction is built. Many have focused on using this law to “get,” this film shows how to “give” from the soul, automatically attracting spiritual blessings.

Week 6: “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” in this film, Eddie, an amusement park maintenance man and war veteran, ends up in Heaven after an accident takes his life. There he meets five people from his past: Each shows him how he impacted their life or they his--and not always for the better.

Week 7: Individual Participants Presentations
(a) stewardship

Week 8: “One... the movie” is a film about a contemporary journey towards a timeless destiny and weaves the novice film-makers' remarkable adventures with the answers to life's ultimate questions in a journey that just may transform your way of seeing the world as One. This film asks the big questions of life to people on the street and to many of the world's most renowned and respected spiritual leaders, authors, icons and celebrated masters. 


Week 9: (TBA)

Week 10: (TBA)

Week 11 (TBA)

Week 12 (TBA)