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Class Format:

There will be eight sessions over an eight-week period. Six sessions are devoted to film, and discussion. One session will be used for experiential activities and exercises, and to undertake your mini Vision Quest. One other session will be for individual presentations and to practice stewardship activities.

In the Spring of 2012 there will be a NEW third Phase of four sessions over a four week period for advanced and deeper self directed inspired learning and intuitive exploration into the "inner cosmos" of the mind.


· Personal Development Presentation: During this course you will develop a three to eight minute presentation on a topic regarding your own personal development and journey. On the 4th week, a one paragraph proposal is due outlining your presentation. Presentations will be scheduled during the second half of the course. You may opt to write a three eight page paper in lieu of the presentation. The paper is due: 6th week.

· Jung Typology Test: Also known, as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality indicator designed to assist you in identifying significant personal attributes. This indicator will show that to learn about one's inborn traits will help create the opportunity to improve how you apply them in different contexts. In that sense, this examination can provide much personal development and growth. The MBTI is also a tool for self-discovery. You will complete this test during the first week of the course.

· Quality of Life Index 100: This tool will give you insight into the areas of your life that may need your attention. This index will be completed within the second week of the course.

· Inner work Journal: You will create this journal using a notebook or loose-leaf binder. Throughout this course you will use it to record insights, thoughts, questions and related issues, memories, and creative inspirations. You will also write a biography of yourself that will be due by week 6.

· Working With Unfinished Business quiz, Everyday Wisdom Belief quiz and How Spiritual Are You quiz. These will be completed throughout the course and will be introspective in nature.

· Affirmation Exercise: This tool will help you discover that your habitual ways of acting, feeling and thinking does have beneficial and constructive influence on your self-image. This exercise will be practiced throughout the weeks of the course.

· Goal Card: By the end of this course you will have written down specifically what it is you want – One single goal clearly defined.

· During this course, each of you will undertake a mini Vision Quest, which will last a minimum of two hours. Detailed instructions about this exercise will be provided in class. A two to four-page paper about your experience is due: 5th week.

· A one to two-page paper discussing your in-class experiences, your stewardship activities, and your experiential activities and exercises, is due: 7th week. With at least one paragraph describing your emotional, physical, and mental reactions to the course material. Include an analysis of relevant material from lectures and reading assignments.

· Class Evaluation: You will write a one-half to one page typed summary of your reactions to the class material as a whole: what you liked, learned, what you would change due: 7th week.